Can White Noise Help People with ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a disorder that is characterized mainly by the inability to pay attention. Those who suffer from this disorder are faced with a lot of problems because of it. For example, children who suffer from ADHD aren’t able to pay attention and focus in class, which leads to them taking bad grades, and the minds of the adults who suffer from this disease tend to wonder off easily when they talk to anyone, including their bosses. Fortunately, not all hope is lost for those who are confronted with this health issue. Studies have shown that white noise can actually help people who suffer from ADHD gain control over their capability to pay attention. To learn more on this matter, read the following lines.

How white noise helps increase the attention of those who suffer from ADHD

A lot of studies have been done on children and adults who suffer from ADHD to see how white noise influences their ability to focus. The results have shown that white noise actually helps them pay attention more, and they become a lot more focused on the tasks at hand. Therefore, the people who were subjects of the tests were able to perform better at school and in their workplaces due to the help provided by white noise. But how exactly did researchers and doctors come to the conclusion that white noise might be of help to ADHD sufferers? The answer actually lays in the inadequate levels of dopamine that ADHD sufferers have. The reduced availability of dopamine means that the brain isn't operating at an optimal level. This might actually be the reason why ADHD sufferers tend to tap their fingers and move their feet, these activities translating to a sort of neural noise in their brains, which leads to increased attention. Therefore, white noise helps ADHD sufferers because it boosts their neural activity, which makes their brains more efficient.

Use the SONEic – Sleep, Relax, and Focus sound machine to increase focus

The SONEic – Sleep, Relax, and Focus sound machine produces 10 white noise and nature sounds. This compact device does wonders for those who suffer from ADHD, and it comes at the price of only $25. It creates a soothing, relaxing atmosphere that will help you focus your attention on the tasks at hand. Also, the white noise that it produces will help you fall asleep easier, which will help you increase your attention level even more. In addition, the compact size makes this sound machine portable. Therefore, you can take it with you when you're at work or when you travel, ensuring that you won't be faced with a severe lack of focus ever again.