How Different Cooking Methods Affect Nutritional Values

When it comes to different cooking methods, you should know that some of them can diminish the nutritional value of food. For example, cooking or boiling foods can affect the nutrient content in food because several vitamins are degraded by heat. Therefore, if you are interested in how different cooking methods can affect nutritional values of food, keep on reading the following lines.

Boiling and poaching can affect the nutrient content in food

Several cooking techniques such as boiling and poaching can affect nutritional values of food. These methods of water-based cooking provide different water temperatures. For example, when you choose to boil the water temperature will be 212°F/100°C, while poaching has less than 180°F/82°C water temperature. When it comes to vegetables, which are an amazing source of vitamin C, a lot of their vitamins is lost if they are cooked in water. Vitamin C is sensitive to heat so it will leach out of vegetables if you choose cooking them in hot water. Moreover, vitamin B complex is also heated sensitive and a lot of its vitamins, including thiamin and niacin, will be lost when the meat is simmered. However, if you choose boiling fish, keep in mind that it have several properties which help it preserve its omega-3 fatty acid content more than other cooking methods.

Grilling can affect nutrients of food

Whether you are thinking about grilling or broiling, you should know that these are similar techniques of cooking with dry heat. The only difference between them is that when grilling the high temperatures come from below, while when broiling it comes from above. Nowadays, most people have in their homes a gas grill, due to the great flavor that grilling give food. Actually, grilled food is more delicious than boiled or poached food. However, there are a few concerns about vitamins and minerals which may be lost during grilling. Moreover, several researchers have developed a theory that grilled food is losing up to 40% of vitamins and minerals.

Microwaving will surely affect your food

These days, most kitchens are equipped with a microwave. It helps you save time and microwaving is one of the most convenient methods of cooking. However, microwaving is the most harmful cooking technique. It diminishes a big number of vitamins in vegetables and it also affects the other nutrients of food.