Potential Health Risks of Drying Clothes Indoors

The issue of drying clothes indoors and the effect of this action on our health has been a worrying matter for doctors for some time. Even though it’s no mystery that drying the clothes indoors isn’t an action which doctors approve of, some people still continue to do it. What’s worse it that those who suffer from asthma or who have weak immune systems are in great danger if they don’t stop this bad habit. If you care for your health and your well-being, we recommend that you continue to read our article. After finding out which are the potential health risks of drying clothes indoors, you will surely give up this bad habit and start using a dryer.

Increased moisture levels that favor the appearance of mold

When you dry your clothes indoors, you raise the level of moisture in the room in which the clothes are placed by up to 30 percent. Therefore, you provide a perfect growing ground for mold, which is not only aesthetically unpleasant, but dangerous for your health as well. Mold spores are especially dangerous for those who suffer from allergies because they actually trigger their allergies. Also, the mold spores that appear are linked to asthma risk, meaning that you could develop asthma from sitting in this harmful environment.

Aspergillus fumigatus spores and the health risks that they present

One of the most dangerous mold spores that can make an appearance when you dry your clothes indoors is the Aspergillus fumigatus spore. What makes this spore such a great health threat is the fact that it causes lung infections to those who have weakened immune systems. Therefore, avoid ever having these types of health issues by giving up on drying your clothes indoors.

Avoid any health risk by drying your clothes in the Bosch WTVC3300US dryer

The only way to avoid the health risks that we have talked about is to use a dryer when you need to dry your clothes indoors. The model that we recommend you use is the Bosch WTVC3300US that comes at the price of around $925. Boasting a 6.7 cubic feet capacity, this model offers more space than you need to dry your clothes in a safe and healthy manner. It features 12 cycles that you can choose from. What makes it stand out from its competition is the fact that it comes with a lot of energy efficient features, being certified by Energy Star for its Eco-friendly and efficient properties. In addition, it produces only 64 dBA when it operates, so you can rest assured that this dryer won't disturb you at all when it runs.