The Truth about Alkaline Water Health Impacts

Several experts say that alkaline water is one of the healthiest type of water to drink. It may regulate your body’s pH level, increases energy, slows the aging process and prevent cancer, but it also has some negative side effects you should consider. Therefore, keep on reading if you want to find out more about the truth about alkaline water health impacts.

Cardiovascular problems

For those who didn’t know, the alkaline water had some permanent side effects on the cardiovascular system. You may think that your cardiovascular cells will be rejuvenated when you drink alkaline water, but the truth is that a continuous exposure to this type of water will destroy your cells. Moreover, the alkaline water will increase the number of enzymes in your cardiovascular system. All these enzymes will damage your heart muscles.

The alkaline water will affect your metabolism

Metabolism is an important process which helps us stay healthy and maintain our energy throughout the day. A normal metabolism may be regulated, but the alkaline water can cause plenty of abnormalities in a person. All these metabolism abnormalities can cause metabolic alkalosis. Additionally, the alkaline water can cause mental confusion and hypertension, too. However, most people install in their homes a water ionizer which should raise the pH of drinking water. This home appliance separates the incoming stream water into alkaline and acidic compounds. Several specialists say that alkaline stream has a lot of health benefits. However, it's recommended to drink natural water which will come without any additional harmful chemicals.

The alkaline water makes you dehydrated

We all know that not drinking enough water, can lead us to dehydration. However, what you really have to know it's that if you are drinking alkaline water you may also feel completely dehydrated. The alkaline water has in its composition a lot of unnecessary ions which will damage your cells. This way, your cellular level will decrease and you will feel dehydrated.

The alkaline water affects your digestion

Nowadays, most people report digestion problems. In fact, this occurs due to steep changes in pH levels. Additionally, the digestion malfunctions can cause hypochlorhydria. This disorder occurred due to the continuous use of the alkaline water. Moreover, due to the excessive alkalization of the stomach, several people have experienced the milk-alkali syndrome. This syndrome occurs when the stomach acid and the normal calcium level is decreased too much.